From the Dead of Night Book Series

Daniel walked in the land of the dead. Now the dead want him back.


“From The Dead Of Night”, the latest Paranormal Series form Best-Selling Author G.W. Mullins, featuring the 4 novels “Daniel Is Waiting”, “Daniel Returns”, “Daniel Awakens”, and “Daniel’s Fate”.

When Daniel died, he should have gone into the light, but he fought against it.  He was determined to return to Jen, the girl had tried so hard to protect.  In his battle to escape, Daniel encountered dark shadow spirits who grabbed him, trying to reclaim his soul.  As he reentered the real world, Daniel was changed, marked by the Shadows.  He quickly learned they would come for him, in the bodies of those around him who were about to die.  These walking dead would stop at nothing to take him back to the light.  Daniel and Jen must fight to survive, as the dark ones come forward and a battle of good and evil begins. 

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